When people lose a lot of weight through surgery, diet and/or exercise, there can be a fairly noticeable amount of skin left on the arms. A Brachioplasty works to remove excess skin and underlying fat from underneath the upper arm. The results are smoother skin and more natural contours. (If you cannot achieve your goals with exercise or weight training, you may also want to restore your muscles as part of your surgical plan.)

Dr. Odinet will make a carefully planned incision from the underarm to the elbow on the inside of the arm. The length of the incision is dependent on the amount and location of the excess skin which is to be removed. The excess fat is removed, muscles tightened and reshaped. The tradeoff for an improved contour and image is a discreet scar on the inside portion of the upper arm.

It is important to know there are risks involved in Brachioplasty surgery, including infection, excessive bleeding, and scarring. Always make sure you consult with a surgeon who is board-certified in Brachioplasty surgery before undergoing any arm lift operation.