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Chin and Neck Surgery

As the population ages, more and more patients ask Dr. Odinet what can be done to improve their jowls and the shape and profile of their neck. Depending on the problem, treatment can range anywhere from non-surgical treatments like Kybella™ to surgeries like liposuction or a full two-thirds lower facelift.

Each method of treatment addresses a specific aspect of the problem and is limited to how much can be achieved. When it comes to the neck, there are usually 3 main things that can be done:

  • The first is the chin. If you don’t have much of one, the only thing that can be done is a chin implant. This will help give you “an improved neck contour.”
  • If excess fat in your neck is the issue…depending on the quality of your skin, liposuction may be the answer for you.
  • The third is the skin quality itself. Skin elasticity is generally better in a younger person. In that case, all that’s necessary is liposuction and maybe a suture suspension of the underlying muscle.

If you’re older and there’s quite a bit of excess skin–particularly after massive weight loss with gastric bypass – you almost always will require a full lower two-thirds facelift. In any case, it’s important for both you and your surgeon of your choice to understand the limitations of each procedure and come up with the very best treatment plan for you. Call The Offices of Dr. Kenneth Odinet to discuss your individual case.

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