Dermal Fusions

We all want vibrant skin that looks healthy and rejuvenated. The question is: what is the best way to achieve this result? Many products claim to offer you fresh and renewed skin; however, not all skin resurfacing treatments are made the same. Often, patients can achieve superior results when they combine treatments based on their board-certified plastic surgeon’s advice, but many patients will still prefer the convenience and cost-effectiveness of a single treatment.

Dermalinfusion, a skin resurfacing treatment offered by Dr. Kenneth Odinet at his practice in Lafayette, gives patients what they want — a highly-effective treatment that offers the results of multiple treatments in a single, safe, fast procedure. Dermalinfusion uses the most update-to-date skin treatment technology with results backed by scientific studies. You can learn more about Dermalinfusion here, so you are fully prepared for your in-person consultation with Dr. Odinet.

What is Dermalinfusion?

Dermalinfusion is an industry-leading skin-resurfacing treatment that revives the skin in a number of ways to give you comprehensive and long-lasting results. Your skin will benefit from Dermalinfusion’s three-step approach to skin — exfoliation, extraction, and infusion of skin-nourishing serums, which improve the health of your skin while boosting your skin function and appearance. Dermalinfusion is non-invasive, suitable for all skin types and versatile; you can have Dermalinfusion in multiple body areas and it is also safe for all skin types and tones.

The Benefits of a Dermalinfusion Treatment

Dr. Odinet offers Dermalinfusion because of the many substantial benefits it provides his patients. These advantages include:

  • Improves skin volumization by up to 70 percent
  • Visibly revives skin, improving skin radiance
  • Minimizes fine lines and wrinkles
  • Targets many troublesome skin concerns
  • Offers long-lasting results
  • Encourages cell renewal for natural results

The Dermalinfusion Body System

Dermalinfusion offers patients a comprehensive way to improve many body concerns through a combination therapy treatment explicitly designed for the body. The treatment offers patients a three-stage approach that includes body polishing, vacuum massage and serum infusion for maximum results. The treatment addresses the causes of skin imperfections on the body at their source, providing substantive, long-lasting and natural rejuvenation.

What problems and areas can Dermalinfusion treat?

A Dermalinfusion treatment can improve many common skin problems which affect all areas of the body, including:

  • Fine lines, wrinkles and sun damage on the décolletage
  • Abdominal and breast stretch marks,
  • Acne on the back
  • Cellulite in the thighs
  • Dry, bumpy and discolored skin on the arms and elbows
  • Dry and cracked hands and feet
  • Keratosis Pilaris – the small bumps on the backs of upper arms and legs

The treatment can also treat many key body areas, including:

  • Neck
  • Décolletage
  • Upper arms
  • Legs
  • Thighs
  • Back

Dermalinfusion’s versatility makes it an exceptional treatment which can benefit a wide array of patients.

How Dermalinfusion Works

Dermalinfusion uses a highly-effective three-step process to maximize the benefits to your skin. Dermalinfusion exfoliates the skin, deep cleanses pores and infuses prepared areas with penetrating, skin-nourishing serums. The fast and effective three-stage process ensures your skin looks revitalized now and also continues to improve in the weeks after having your Dermalinfusion treatment. Dermalinfusion’s state-of-the-art handpiece performs these key steps virtually simultaneously, for maximum results, while also ensuring your treatment is very comfortable.

Dermalinfusion is so effective because it can apply vital, rejuvenating serums to your skin immediately after exfoliating treated areas, maximizing the amount of nourishment your skin receives and your results. Your skin will benefit from the maximum penetration of Dermalinfusion’s vitalizing ingredients and the skin depths that will give you the most rejuvenation. When serums reach deep into the skin layers, more product is retained, thus ensuring more substantial and longer-lasting results. Those results include skin that looks more plump and volumized, better hydrated, with improved tone and texture.

Patients who have a Dermalinfusion treatment will receive the professionally-formulated and full-strength Pro Infusion serums, based on years of scientific research in skin care. The serums have been designed to treat patient’s most troublesome skin problems, including:

  • Aging signs, such as lines, wrinkles and sallow skin
  • Hyperpigmentation, including dark spots and sun damage
  • Dry or dehydrated skin
  • Very oily skin
  • Clogged pores
  • Rough or poor skin texture

Studies have shown the clear effects of having a Dermalinfusion treatment; however, you can also ask your board-certified plastic surgeon for before-and-after photos of actual patients treated by Dermalinfusion to gauge your potential results.

What results can I expect from Dermalinfusion?

Patients begin to see the results of their Dermalinfusion treatment immediately. Your results will include smoother skin with greater volume and brightness, improved texture and fewer wrinkles and spots. These results are long-lasting in part because Dermalinfusion stimulates your body’s natural healing mechanism, continuing to spur cell renewal long after you have completed your treatment. To get the most from your Dermalinfusion treatment, six to eight sessions are recommended, but only your unique symptoms and goals will determine the actual number of treatments you will need.

Have Your Dermalinfusion Treatment Performed by Skincare Expert Dr. Kenneth Odinet

Dr. Odinet takes careful efforts to understand the unique needs and goals of each patient; this approach to patient care helps ensure that his clients receive the most appropriate course of treatment and leave with the results they expect and deserve. Dr. Odinet’s staff share this vision, and the surgeon’s patients will feel exceedingly welcome when visiting his Lafayette-based practice.

The surgeon’s aim is more than to resolve a particular patient issue but to enhance their entire appearance while preserving the features which make them unique and attractive. Dr. Odinet never performs unnecessary procedures — only treatments which will genuinely benefit the patient’s look and long-term wellbeing. Dr. Odinet’s integrity makes him a sought-after and trusted practitioner by area patients.

Call and schedule your in-person exam with Dr. Kenneth Odinet today and learn more about the benefits you can have with a Dermalinfusion treatment. You can reach the surgeon’s offices at (337) 234-8648. Dr. Odinet and his welcoming staff look forward to helping you look and feel refreshed and hope to meet you soon.