Laser Treatments

Whether it’s unwanted hair, sun and age spots, texture or wrinkle concerns, or venous issues, Odinet Skin Care can recommend the perfect laser treatment for you. From non-ablative to invasive procedures, we have a variety of treatment options available.

Laser 101

Are you interested in non-surgical cosmetic procedures but don’t know what’s available? Class is now in session for Lasers 101 – a crash course in the laser procedures offered at Odinet Skin Care:


Lasers target the signs of aging—lines, brown spots, broken capillaries, sagginess—without destroying your skin. Most laser procedures allow for fast healing, so you can wear makeup and return to work with smoother skin in as little as 24 hours. Any laser beam, however, has the potential to scar or damage pigment (especially for women of color), so treatments are best left to an M.D. or licensed skin care therapist who can adjust the intensity to work with your skin tone. Because many lasers target pigment, those who love to tan should give the beach a 4 to 6 week break before the first session.

The Offices of Dr. Kenneth Odinet use the following lasers and procedures to treat a variety of conditions:


Non-ablative (surface skin is left intact)

WHAT IT IS USED FOR: Smoothing fine-to-moderate lines, evening out brown spots, and improving overall glow with a quick 5-day recovery

HOW IT WORKS: Heat generated by the laser stimulates collagen production without destroying the epidermis. It is typically performed over one to two treatments, two to four months apart, under topical anesthesia. This treatment is safer for ethnic skin types than ablative lasers, but women with skin tone as light as actress Lucy Liu should proceed with extra caution. (Note: The laser can be calibrated at a lower intensity to minimize risks, but extra sessions may be needed.)

HOW IT FEELS: Less painful than ablative procedures, these treatments give a warming sensation, rather than the feeling of pins and needles. Post procedure, it will feel like a bad sunburn for about 10 minutes. For the next three to five days, the skin will be pink and feel like sandpaper. Mineral makeup can be used to camouflage the temporary changes.

For skin resurfacing, Odinet Skin Care uses the minimally invasive Pearl laser from Cutera. It reduces or eliminates brown age spots and sun spots, and improves skin texture, fine lines, skin clarity and sun damage. Following a Pearl treatment, the skin will have a healthy, pearl-like glow.Another laser treatment available at Odinet Skin Care is the Cutera Laser Genesis. It is different that other non-ablative lasers, in that it uses less heat to slowly warm the skin to produce healthy collagen within the skin. The easiest, most subtle approach to evening the texture of skin, Laser Genesis also reduces fine lines, large pores and general redness.The laser that treats the widest range of vessels is the CoolGlide 1064 nm Nd:YAG from Cutera. It is used by the licensed skin care therapists at Odinet Skin Care to remove superficial telangiectasia on the face, mid-depth spider veins, and deep blue veins on the legs.


Ablative (i.e., skin-wounding) Fractional Resurfacing

WHAT IT IS USED FOR: Smoothing fine-to-deep lines and evening out brown spots in a single treatment. Can also help tighten lax skin.

HOW IT WORKS: The laser beam strikes the skin in thousands of places, destroying tissue a millimeter deep–only in microscopic spots (think perforated paper). Surrounding skin remains intact, allowing for faster recovery than the original ablative devices, but with more intense results than the non-ablative Pearl laser. This “hole-punching” fires up the body’s wound-healing response, which generates collagen and smooths out wrinkles. It is riskier for women of color, but can be executed successfully at a doctor’s discretion.

HOW IT FEELS: It is generally performed with local anesthesia, similar to what you’d get in a dentist’s office. After 15 minutes of post-treatment discomfort and an application of ice packs, pain is minimal. For 24 to 36 hours, skin oozes and bleeds (just as pretty as it sounds), followed by five days of crustiness. Once the crust peels, new, pink skin emerges. Makeup can then be worn. Expect complete healing within two weeks. (FYI, this laser comes in three varieties: CO2, Erbium, and YSGG. CO2 is harshest and is not used at Odinet Skin Care. The YSGG offers the quickest, easiest recovery.)
Odinet Skin Care uses the Pearl Fractional Laser from Cutera. It is a single treatment procedure for significant sun damage and deep dermal imperfections. The Pearl Fractional volumizes skin by stimulating new collagen growth. It improves skin imperfections around the eye and mouth areas, which surgery does not help.


Intense Pulsed Light (IPL)

WHAT IT IS USED FOR: Eliminating brown spots and other sun-induced discoloration, plus spot-treating broken capillaries. When performed with non-ablative fractional treatments, IPL can amplify skin tone-evening benefits, but it has no effect on wrinkles.

HOW IT WORKS: While not a “laser” per se, IPL devices work much the same. Short pulses of bright white light pinpoint brown pigment cells and redness, which are damaged when they absorb the light and heat it creates. Safe for most skin types, a doctor or licensed skin care therapist may dial down the intensity for darker skin tones to avoid the slim risk of de-pigmentation.

HOW IT FEELS: Like a sunburn. Patients experience slight swelling and pinkness the day of the procedure, but there’s no downtime–giving it the reputation as a “lunchtime” treatment.

Odinet Skin Care uses the LimeLight Facial by Cutera for skin rejuvenation. It is a safe treatment with high patient satisfaction. LimeLight evens out red or mottled complexions and fades or eliminates brown age spots, sun spots and tiny vessels.


Enlighten System – Thanks to the revolutionary technological advancements of the enlighten system, the de-inking process is now fast, safe, and effective.Tattoos come in many different colors, and ink particles come in countless formulations and sizes. In order to treat them effectively, multiple wavelengths must be-utilized to target specific colors at various depths and specific pulse durations to address the ink density and size.

  • The Enlighten features extremely short and high power laser pulses which efficiently break down the ink particles in tattoos.
  • The number of treatments needed varies based on the size, color, age, etc. of the tattoo. Picosecond laser pulses have shown to remove tattoos more completely and in fewer treatments.
  • Topical anesthetics are used to maximize patient comfort.
  • Consultation required prior to treatment.

Skin Revitalization

Now there’s an innovative, non-thermal way to treat pigment (melasma) and revitalize the skin.

  • PICO utilizes a 2-in-1 laser light procedure to selectively shatter unwanted pigmentation and remodel the upper layer of skin to return balance + clearance + radiance to your skin.
  • Refines pores and helps diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, addresses sun damage and melasma.
  • Provides skin revitalization or called the “Red Carpet Treatment,” with no down time.

Working in conjunction with enlighten, PICO Genesis “remodels” the skin, resulting in a brighter, more uniform complexion.