It is hard to say no to blissful days at the beach and restful afternoons by the pool. But no matter how much you savor your time in the sun, your skin does not feel the same way. Exposure to sunlight and its harsh ultraviolet rays is the number one cause of premature facial aging. The long-term effects of sun damage include fine lines, wrinkles, dry skin, visible blood vessels, and discoloration that rob your skin of its healthy glow and add years to your appearance.

Light-based treatments are powerful tools in the fight against photoaging. By directing different wavelengths of light at damaged skin, IPL (intense pulsed light) heats and destroys melanin to erase benign pigmented lesions and improve the complexion. IPL is effective for a range of skin types and involves minimal discomfort or downtime. At the Offices of Dr. Kenneth Odinet, Cutera’s LimeLight is our preferred IPL treatment for addressing discoloration and other surface imperfections associated with aging and photodamage.

What Is LimeLight?

LimeLight is an advanced IPL device with a wavelength range of 520nm to 1100nm. This wavelength range allows the treatment to be tailored to each patient’s unique skin type and skin concern, thereby minimizing risks and recovery time while optimizing results. Each pulse of light emitted by the device contains multiple wavelengths that are absorbed into cells containing excessive melanin. The light energy is transformed into heat energy causing the pigment to break into tiny particles. The small particles are then removed by the body’s lymphatic system or exfoliated away naturally after the cells rise to the skin’s surface.

The Benefits of LimeLight

LimeLight is a versatile device that offers clients many benefits, including:

  • A noninvasive, nonablative skin resurfacing treatment
  • Safe for use on any part of the face, neck, or chest
  • Adjustable wavelength that can be tailored to your needs
  • Comfortable procedure that does not require anesthesia
  • Regulated pulses that deliver consistent results
  • Minimal to no downtime required

Who Is a Good Candidate for LimeLight?

Individuals with brown and/or red pigmented lesions will achieve a more even skin tone with LimeLight. It addresses:

  • Freckles
  • Sun spots, age spots, liver spots (lentigines)
  • Angiomas
  • Small blood vessels (telangiectasia)

LimeLight can also improve minor textural irregularities and give your complexion a healthy, youthful glow.

What Will Happen During Your LimeLight Procedure

The specialists at the Offices of Dr. Kenneth Odinet begin by cleansing your skin. They will also issue you protective eyewear to use during the procedure. After selecting the device settings that are most appropriate for your skin type and treatment goals, your practitioner will pass the LimeLight handpiece over the pigmented area. You may experience some minor discomfort while the pulses of light work on your skin, but most patients feel little pain, if any at all. Treatments are usually completed in less than one hour.

Recovering From Your LimeLight Treatment

After a LimeLight treatment, your skin may appear slightly red. Any redness can be complimentary concealed by your practitioner so that you can return to your daily routine immediately after the procedure. Several days after the procedure, the pigmented areas will slightly darken and rise to the surface of your skin causing a “coffee ground” appearance. Within one to two weeks, these darkened spots will exfoliate and fade, leaving behind a clear and more even complexion.

Your LimeLight Results

One to three sessions are usually sufficient to achieve results with LimeLight. Certain conditions may require additional sessions to yield the greatest benefit. The results of a LimeLight treatment are long-lasting, perhaps even permanent. However, additional pigmented and vascular lesions may appear with new sun damage. It is important to apply a broad-spectrum sunscreen daily to minimize the harmful impact of the sun and invest in a medical-grade skin care routine to maximize the revitalizing effects of your IPL treatment.

LimeLight Photorejuvenation in Lafayette, Louisiana

LimeLight is an effective anti-aging and anti-photodamage solution that restores youth and vibrancy to your skin. Visit the Offices of Dr. Kenneth Odinet to receive a comprehensive skin rejuvenation treatment plan designed to give you powerful, personalized, and long-lasting results. To schedule a consultation, contact our practice in Lafayette at 337-234-8648.