Dr. Kenneth Odinet firmly believes that patient education is key to obtaining the results which individuals expect from a cosmetic procedure. When patients can make fully informed decisions, they can make better choices about the care they receive, whether that is a surgery or non-invasive cosmetic procedure. These choices depend primarily on their understanding of the procedures available to them and their knowledge about the results that a given procedure can provide. All of these factors are central to the consultation process which Dr. Odinet employs with each patient.

Patient Education Begins With a Thorough Consultation Process

Patients who visit Dr. Odinet will have all their options outlined for them based upon a complete examination, and the benefits and drawbacks of each potential solution will be fully explained to them. Wherever possible, patients will be able to preview potential results through before-and-after photos of patients with similar concerns. The surgeon welcomes all questions patients may have and ensures they will have ample time to address topics that are of particular concern to them during their consultation. Patients are encouraged to call the office back with additional question or seek a second opinion to confirm their recommended course of treatment. Being an informed patient and obtaining the most appropriate procedure based on their needs are of primary importance.

Positive Outcomes Result When Patients Have Realistic Expectations About Their Procedure

Most patients seek out the services of a plastic surgeon because the issue or concern they have is one which is causing them significant anxiety, distress or unhappiness; the physical symptom is one component of a problem which, if left untreated, can become more extensive, ultimately affecting all aspects of an individual’s life and wellbeing. It can also be a source of major discomfort when an individual’s appearance does not match the view which they have of themselves, or when others do not see them as they truly are.

While patients today have more options than ever to treat a wide array of cosmetic concerns, each procedure has its own strengths and limitations, and anatomical factors may also affect which procedures a patient can have and the overall effectiveness of that procedure. For Dr. Odinet, the most difficult part of a consultation is informing his patients that they cannot have precisely the outcome they want; however, no procedure can be successful if it is based on unrealistic expectations. Understanding what a cosmetic procedure can achieve beforehand always leads to greater satisfaction with the results post-treatment.

The Most Satisfying Cosmetic Outcome Is a Natural Look That Reveals the Real You

One of the most critical components of the consultation process is helping patients adopt realistic expectations about the outcomes of their procedure. Healthy rejuvenation of the face and body is possible, and a very natural appearance can be obtained without creating a synthetic or “overdone” look. To achieve this, Dr. Odinet stresses a consultative approach that recognizes your concerns and goals, and — based on his knowledge, training and experience — includes recommendations that will best enhance your look while preserving and respecting those aspects of your face and body that make you distinctive and attractive, fully revealing your best self. The outcome of this approach is an extremely rewarding one — happy patients who have had a safe surgery and recovery, achieved their post-operative goals and can take pride in a natural, refreshed look that best reflects how they feel and wish to be seen.

For patient-focused care, visit Dr. Kenneth Odinet to discuss your cosmetic needs

For Dr. Odinet, the goal of treatment is a patient who understands what their selected procedure can achieve and enjoys those results post-procedure, with significantly improved concerns, renewed confidence and a fresh attitude towards life. Outcomes can be transformative, positively impacting not only the patient’s appearance but also their wellbeing. If you are ready to begin your journey of self-renewal, or if you just want to know more now about how a cosmetic procedure might be able to help you, call Dr. Kenneth Odinet now at (337) 234-8648 to schedule an appointment. Dr. Odinet looks forward to assisting each patient in starting this new chapter in their lives.

Questions To Ask Before Deciding on Plastic Surgery

  • How long has the physician/surgeon been practicing?
  • Is he/she board certified in the procedure I am considering?
  • What will the physician/surgeon have to do to properly perform this procedure?
  • What is the recovery/down time for this procedure?
  • What are the costs?
  • What do those costs include? What is not included?
  • Are there any nonsurgical procedures that would benefit me in place of this surgical procedure I am considering?
  • What realistic expectations should I have?

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