Chin/Neck Surgery, Neck Lift, and Lower ⅔ Facelift

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As the population ages, more and more patients ask Dr. Odinet what can be done to improve their jowls and the shape and profile of their neck. Depending on the problem, treatment can range anywhere from non-surgical treatments like Kybella™ to surgeries like liposuction of the chin/neck area or a full two-thirds lower facelift.

Each method of treatment addresses a specific aspect of the problem and is limited to how much can be achieved. When it comes to the neck, there are usually 3 main things that can be done:

  • The first is the chin. If you don’t have much of one, the only thing that can be done is a chin implant. This will help give you “an improved neck contour.”
  • If excess fat in your neck is the issue…depending on the quality of your skin, liposuction may be the answer for you.
  • The third is the skin quality itself. Skin elasticity is generally better in a younger person. In that case, all that’s necessary is liposuction and maybe a suture suspension of the underlying muscle.

While the face is the center of attention when it comes to cosmetic surgery, the neck is one of the first parts of the body to show signs of aging. Constant movement, sun exposure, and gravity make the naturally delicate skin of the neck area prone to developing wrinkles, crepe-like skin, drooping jowls, and prominent vertical cords (platysmal bands). A neck lift surgery addresses these concerns to restore a defined, smooth jawline giving a youthful contour to your neck. Dr. Odinet is highly skilled in maintaining the balance between subtle results and noticeable improvement so you look naturally refreshed and never overdone.

The Benefits of Neck Lift Surgery

A neck lift (lower rhytidectomy) is a surgical procedure that can improve visible signs of aging in the neck and jawline. Neck lift surgery can:

  • Reduce fine lines, wrinkles, and deep creases on the neck
  • Tighten sagging skin
  • Remove excess fat to achieve a slimmer profile
  • Smooth the platysmal bands
  • Sharpen the jawline

Who Is a Candidate for Neck Lift Surgery?

Many individuals who are concerned about the appearance of their neck due to aging or significant weight loss are potential candidates for neck lift surgery. In general, to be considered a good candidate for a surgical procedure, you should:

  • Be in overall good health without a medical condition that could impair healing
  • Be a nonsmoker
  • Be motivated to make the change for yourself
  • Be prepared to follow all preoperative and postoperative instructions
  • Have realistic expectations for the outcome your surgery can achieve

What Will Happen During Your Neck Lift Surgery?

The specifics of your neck lift surgery will depend on the degree of change you are hoping to accomplish. A neck lift may involve only an incision under the chin, or it may also include incisions behind the ears. Dr. Odinet will sculpt or redistribute fat and tissue underlying the neck as necessary to achieve an aesthetically pleasing result. He will remove any excess skin and tighten the remaining skin to smooth the neck. He may also tighten the platysma muscle. To finish the procedure, he will re-drape the skin over the uplifted contours and secure it in place with sutures.

Recovering From Your Neck Lift Surgery

Swelling and bruising are normal as you recover from neck lift surgery. It is important to keep your head elevated to minimize swelling. Avoid twisting or bending your neck as much as possible. Dr. Odinet will advise you as to when you can return to your normal routine, including exercise. Patients often feel ready to return to work within a week after neck lift surgery. It is necessary for patients to carefully follow Dr. Odinet’s post-operative instructions to ensure a safe recovery.

Your Neck Lift Surgery Results

Neck lift surgery will rejuvenate your jawline and neckline, creating a more defined, smooth, and youthful appearance. To extend the results of your surgery, you should treat your skin well with a regular skincare routine, other cosmetic treatments, and avoiding unhealthy habits like smoking and excessive sun exposure.

Can Other Neck Procedures Achieve a Similar Result?

Neck lift surgery is not the only procedure that can re-contour the neck and jaw area. Liposuction can be used alone or in conjunction with a neck lift to reduce excess fat. The injectable Kybella can be used to destroy fat cells responsible for submental fullness (commonly referred to as a “double chin”).A combination of neck lift and facelift is often recommended for patients hoping to see a dramatic transformation. Nonsurgical rejuvenation treatments cannot achieve the same results as a surgical procedure, but they may help delay the need for surgery and can complement the results of surgery beautifully.

Turn Back the Clock With a Neck Lift Performed by Dr. Odinet

If an aging neck has you feeling uncomfortable or unlike yourself when you look in the mirror, a neck lift can help you restore your youthful appearance. Dr. Odinet is an experienced plastic surgeon whose years of experience and careful attention to detail showcases itself in the beautiful, natural-looking results he achieves for his patients. For more information about neck lift surgery in Lafayette, call 337-234-8648 to book a consultation.