Botox Injections Reduce
Wrinkles And Fine Lines!

Are you tired of wrinkles and fine lines? Botox injections may be the solution for you!

Botox is a safe, FDA-approved treatment that can quickly help reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines on your face. It works by temporarily paralyzing the muscles that cause wrinkles, resulting in a smooth, youthful appearance.

Our highly-trained, experienced practitioners use the latest techniques to ensure a natural-looking result and giving you a more youthful appearance. The procedure is quick and relatively painless, with minimal wait.

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Botox Treatment

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Another Happy Patient!

Dr. Odinet and his staff were great and answering all of our questions and concerns. We had the best experience. I highly recommend him and his staff for all your cosmetic needs. -A.M.

Dr. Odinet and his staff were so nice, compassionate, and helpful. Dr. Odinet is a wonderful surgeon, and I would recommend him to anyone. Sometimes in life, we all need a little something to make ourselves feel better, and Dr. Odinet and his nurses certainly did that for me. -B.N.

Dr. Odinet & his staff are terrific. I immediately felt at ease and confident that he was the perfect doctor for me. I am extremely happy with my results and the care I have received. -M.M.

Meet Dr. Odinet

Dr. Ken Odinet is an ASPS board certified plastic surgeon. Dr. Odinet has always been up to date on all current trends and techniques throughout his career. He is currently the only plastic surgeon in Acadiana board certified in ear, nose, and throat (head and neck) surgery, and plastic and reconstructive surgery. Dr. Odinet firmly believes patient education is key to obtaining the results which individuals expect from a cosmetic procedure.

Not every plastic surgeon is board certified in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. Know your options and get the latest Botox Injections with the best outcomes.

Consultation and Treatment

The initial consultation will involve assessing your forehead to determine the appropriate dosage of BOTOX. Factors such as wrinkle location, depth, and quantity will be taken into account.

Most patients require 1-3 syringes of the medication. During the same appointment, the forehead will be marked with ink to indicate where the injections will be made. The patient may feel a small prick as the medication is injected via a fine syringe, but discomfort is minimal and can be controlled with cold compression.


After your treatment, your wrinkles will appear less severe and your skin will appear smoother. The effects typically last for 3-6 months, after which the treatment may need to be repeated in order to maintain the desired results. Some people may also experience temporary side effects such as redness, swelling, or bruising at the injection site, but these typically resolve within a few days.

BOTOX® Cosmetic

Myth: Over time, patients are likely to develop resistance to treatment with all neurotoxin products.

Fact: BOTOX Cosmetic has very low immunogenicity.1-3

Contact us today at 337-234-8648 or fill out the form below to get more information on how this surgery can benefit you!

What is Botox?

Botox is a popular cosmetic treatment that is an injection of a safe, diluted form of botulinum toxin into specific facial muscles. This treatment is used to temporarily paralyze these muscles, leading to the reduction of the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines on the face. Botox works by blocking the release of acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter that triggers muscle contraction. This results in a temporary relaxation of the muscles and a smoothing out of the skin. Botox typically lasts about three to six months, after which the procedure can be repeated to maintain the desired results.

“Had the best, most welcoming, easiest experience with Dr. Odinet and his staff. Would definitely recommend to anyone.”

– Erice T.


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